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Prompt and Dependable Commercial Electrical Contractor Service

At VElectric, our team of experts is licensed and insured to deliver top-notch electrical services for your commercial properties. We specialize in commercial specialty lighting, safety upgrades, repairs and installations, maintenance, security installations, and energy audits.

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Our Commercial Electrical Services

Electrical Repairs and Installations

Our highly experienced team handles a wide range of commercial electrical repairs and installations, from minor repairs to complete installations. 

Electrical Safety Upgrades

We provide comprehensive commercial electrical safety upgrades, ensuring that all of your electrical systems are up to code and safe for use. Our safety upgrades minimize the risk of any potential electrical issues and ensure that your business is well-protected.

Commercial Specialty Lighting

Our commercial specialty lighting services provide the perfect way to enhance your business’s lighting. With the right lighting in place, you can dramatically improve the look and feel of your space.


We also offer a variety of energy efficiency solutions that can help save you money on your energy bills each month. From upgrading to energy-efficient lighting to installing solar panels, we can help you find ways to reduce your energy consumption and lower your monthly expenses.

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Why Choose VElectric

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality commercial electrical services, so they can rest assured that their electrical systems are in capable hands. Our team is certified and trained in the repair, installation, and maintenance of all types of electrical components. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can rely on VElectric for all your commercial electrical needs.

Reach Out to Us

Our process starts with your call so our team can learn more about your needs. We can better understand your requirements through consultation before providing a quote. Finally, we will come to your property for a more accurate assessment and get started on the job right away!

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Austin Texas

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